Sunday, June 19, 2011 Polish Insanity

As I mentioned in my last post, I just received my first order and I am sort of embarrassed to admit how much I spent. I saved some money by going through Ebates so I'm getting 6% cash back and I saved $5 from an online coupon as well. If you like money and shop online ever I suggest joining ebates by clicking the above link. So here's what I got:
OPI Black Shatter

I had to get this polish considering it is an awesome effect, easy to do and everywhere. Plus I first saw it in the Katy Perry collection and I'm a huge fan so I've been needing some black crackles in my life. It dries almost instantly and looks great over a variety of colors, here it's over NYC's I <3 NY. A thick layer of a top coat to protect the crackles is definitely needed.
Manic Panic - Blood Thirsty
Yet another purple to add to my collection! Blood Thirsty is the first Manic Panic polish I've gotten and I'm quite a fan. The formula was really nice it went on smoothly and was mostly opaque after one coat, but I applied two just to smooth out a few streaks. The brush and application was actually very similar to an OPI polish which for $4 is a great value. Also, I love the details on the bottle; Manic Panic has great packaging. Blood Thirsty is a dark purple that shimmers purple and a little red and I've never seen anything like it. I definitely am getting another color next time I order from
deborah lippmann - Lady Sings the Blues
Incredible.  What more can I say? What a gorgeous color. I'm absolutely blown away by this polish. This lady has a sheer navy blue base with silver glitter and hexagonal sparkles. As you can see in the photo, the blue covers the silver differently in spots making some more silver than others and the more layers that are applied (there are two in the photo) the more interesting the polish becomes. The application was like butter, which for something so saturated with sparkle is saying a lot. This bottle was $18 and I almost feel sick thinking about how much that is for .5 fl oz. It's a beautiful color and certainly is unique.

deborah lippmann - ruby red slippers
I've been lusting after this $18 bottle of polish for a year and finally gave in. It's a sheer black base filled with ruby red glitter and hexagon sparkles. Dark and glittery, just the way I like it. I was a bit disappointed with the application honestly. It took three coats to get the level of glitter achieved in the photo which I'm really not that happy with. The color just didn't photograph well. I think it was the texture of the glitter. I'm not sure if I'm 100% satisfied with this like I am with Lady Sings the Blues but I'm going to give it another shot soon.


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