Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lush Ring of Roses Soap: Review

While visiting my local Lush to purchase an everyday conditioner, the cashier was nice enough to give me a huge sample of Ring of Roses Soap. I was so excited because I've been interested in trying their shower products as up until this point I had merely used lotions and a deep conditioner.

This is about 3.5 oz which retails at $9.25, so I probably would not have purchased it before sampling it. Now that I've tried it, I would say it's worth it. With proper storage Lush soaps have a pretty long life. I keep it safe in a plastic soap container that I got at a dollar store away from the steam and water of the shower and after a month of straight use, I've barely made a dent. It smells like roses and lemon pretty strongly and the scent transfers to your skin after the shower. It does not lather well, which I was a little surprised at because it is glycerin based. However the amount of cocoa butter and rose absolute make its super moisturizing so you get out of the shower with clean and soft skin. I've even shaved my legs with it and it works as well as any shaving gel. Although the price seems like a lot, this soap is worth it. It lasts longer than body wash and is about the same price, plus the soap is vegan and cruelty free and the Turkish rose absolute has been ethically sourced and the proceeds have been used to build one of the first free schools for children under 7 in the area. So for about $10, you will have done a good deed and get soft, rose scented skin.

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