Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lush Shower Jelly: Review

Yesterday I visited Lush and couldn't resist the Shower Jelly after I sampled it in store. The Joy of Jelly smells like jasmine, lily and rose and is super moisturizing thanks to the jasmine absolute and seaweed in there. Not only does it make your skin super soft but its fun! Why use boring soap or shower gel when you can have jelly?

The top part of the Joy of Jelly is light purple and opaque where the bottom portion is dark purple and more jelly like. To use it I scooped out, with a bit of difficultly, a tiny portion for my whole body. You can also rub the entire jelly on yourself but it is very slippery and I was afraid I'd drop it. I find that it works best with a tiny, and I mean tiny piece on a loofah. It suds very well and you step out of the shower with soft, floral scented skin. I bought the 3.5 oz portion for $5.95 as I was running short on cash but for $10. 95 you get more than double the amount of product at 8.4 oz. The package does encourage sharing this product with a loved one but I think I might keep this one hidden from the boy in my life.

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