Friday, June 17, 2011

Trade Secret Clearance Haul

My local Trade Secret had a ridiculous clearance sale so I picked up a few things that I've wanted to try and some polish colors. There were three shades of Nicole by OPI - Nic's Stiks for $1, two shades of OPI polish for $2 and a few essie topcoats for $3. I couldn't resist but to pick up one of everything minus the basic essie topcoat.

The Nic's Stiks I got were in Express-Ion of Love, Red Eye to NY and Indigo-Go-Go! (top to bottom).

The polish comes out of a brush and you click the bottom like a pen to get more of the color. The brush is a little shorter than the Nicole and OPI bottles and it's a bit difficult to get close to the cuticle because of the thickness. The brush thickness does make the polishing quick and the formula on all but Indigo-Go-Go! was opaque in one coat.

Express-Ion of Love

Red Eye to NY

The OPI colors I got were in Can You Tapas This? and Conga-Line Coral. Both pretty colors. Tapas is a nice chocolate brown and the Coral is a shimmery pink orange color. I'm probably going to pair it with my OPI Black Shatter as soon as it comes in.
Can You Tapas This? and Conga-Line Coral (left to right).
Can You Tapas This?
Conga-Line Coral
I also got the essie topcoat matte about you which transforms polish to a matte finish. It's super pretty over anything with sparkle and makes it pearly. It also looks great over sparkly polishes. I've wanted this for about a year now and this is actually the first time I came across it in person and for three dollars how could I not buy it? I also bought shine-e, which is described as a polish refresher. I'm not sure exactly what that does but I'm going to try applying it every other day over my next manicure, as the box suggested. I'll report the results in a review post.
shine-e and matte about you (left to right).

Conga-Line Coral and matte about you over Conga-Line Coral (left to right).
I do realize this is not the best demonstration of the awesome-ness that is matte about you but look for it in future manicure posts.

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