Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kat Von D Lightning Lipgloss

As a L.A. Ink and a Kat Von D fan, I was thrilled when she came out with her own line of make up at Sephora. I especially loved the tattoo-inspired artwork on the palettes. I was hesitant to purchase because of some reviews I read but when I saw this on sale for $4 I knew that the Gunshine Lightning Lipgloss and I were meant to be.

The best thing about this lipgloss I have to admit is the packaging. It is so pretty, Ilove the silver roses and the shiny Kat Von D name plate; I'll probably reach for it just based on the tube. I was instantly attracted to Gunshine opposed to the other colors available because of the color. It's grey and full of glitter and I was so excited. The color as you can see from the above swatch is sheer, maybe a little purple and there are a few flecks of glitter. I did like that the gloss was super shiny and not at all sticky. Over all for the sale price it was worth it but for the $9 that it was listed at on Sephora.com, I wouldn't get it again. If only it was the promised sheer smoke with iridescent glitter....

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