Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Kitty Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick

Sephora and Hello Kitty are two of my weaknesses and when they're combined I sure can't say no and I admire the resistance I put up for months now. However I couldn't resist after trying Kimono on my hand. It's a lovely dark blue with a very subtle pink shimmer. Picture time!
Outside of the stick with Hello Kitty's signature (maybe?).
The stick is just a basic twist-up eyeliner stick.

Swatches: blended out and straight (left to right).
This picture shows the pink sparkle better.

Kimono is a gorgeous color. Unfortunately that's just about all it has going for it. Once it's applied it's streaky and needs eyeshadow over it. The wear time is pretty good but that might be because of the Too - Faced Shadow Insurance under it and the eyeshadow over it. I wish this applied better and that the pink sparkle was more noticeable. I'll use this stick as a base for some blue looks and maybe as a thick liner but I'm really disappointed considering it was $16 and I could have bought something of better quality for that price. Click here for a look I used Kimono for. Have you used any other Hello Kitty products? What are your thoughts?

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