Saturday, July 30, 2011

tokidoki Cromatico Palettes: Adieu, Polpettina and Mozzarella

I love tokidoki. Their products are in adorable packaging, of great quality and well worth the price. The Cromatico Palette are $19 at They each come with four eye shadows, a mini double-ended brush and a collectable character charm. They are made with rice lipids and vitamin B which makes them very blendable and hydrating for your eyelids. I love the color combinations in these palettes and most likely will get the other two that I'm missing. Each eye shadow comes out to less than $5 which is a great value for product of this quality. All of the colors are very vibrant and last all day without a crease over Two Faced Shadow Insurance. The only downside to the palettes is the extra level under the shadows where the charm is stored. It's a very cute idea and I love my charms; it's just not practical for storage. However it's one small issue that results in getting an adorable charm but still worth mentioning.
Left to Right: Adieu, Polpettina and Mozzarella

Adieu contains Carina (shimmery silver with silver and blue glitter), Ciao Ciao (a pink-purple duocrome), Adieu (dark, shimmery violet) and Al Dente (matte black loaded with purple glitter)

Front of Adieu Palette
Clockwise starting at Top Left: Carina, Ciao Ciao, Al Dente, Adieu
Adieu Charm

Underside of Palette
Top to Bottom, swatched on bare skin: Al Dente, Adieu, Ciao Ciao, Carina

Polpettina contains LA Gun (dark grey with a pink-lavender shimmer), Polpettina (matte pink), Candy Cane (shimmery white) and Adios (matte black).

Front of Polpettina Palette
Clockwise starting at Top Left: LA Gun, Polpettina, Adios, Candy Cane

Polpettina Charm

Underside of Palette
Top to Bottom, swatched on bare skin: Adios, Candy Cane, Polpettina, LA Gun

Mozzarella contains Latte (ice blue shimmer), Skull Donut (champagne shimmer), Mozzarella (chocolate brown shimmer) and Riposina (caramel shimmer)
Front of Mozzarella Palette
Clockwise starting at Top Left: Latte, Skull Donut, Riposina, Mozzarella
Mozzarella Charm
Underside of Palette
Top to Bottom, swatched on bare skin: Riposina, Mozzarella, Skull Donut, Latte

Thanks for reading! Have you used tokidoki products? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wow, these swatches are gorgeous! :D I really like the little charms that come with it :)


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