Friday, August 5, 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics: Blush

As you know from my previous post, I recently placed on order with Evil Shades Cosmetics. I was going to do a giant post of awesomeness to show you all of the goodies I got but that would be so incredibly long that I decided to make separate posts for blush, lip products and eye products.

Here is the packaging on the blush samples. I ordered Skon and Gossamer and as Andrea is the nicest person in the world she sent me a sample of Pink Noise.

Fluffy, creamy loose powder blush, in every color imaginable and some beyond imagination! These are not your traditional blushes. Apply sparingly as most shades are far richer in pigment than they appear.

Evil Shades has a huge variety of colors, all very unique and some are just strait up unusual. I, of course, couldn't resist colors so outside the normal range of blush that I went for Skon, berry/plum with a strong pink shift, and Gossamer, soft baby pink with blue shift. I also received a sample of the new blush shade Pink Noise, a rosy pink with soft orange to pink lit from within glow. All of the colors applied very smoothly and their texture is so soft. You need a tiny, tiny bit for the color to be noticeable and although the website says that each sample size is good for 3+ uses, I would probably say I could easily get about 6 or 7 out of them.

Left to Right: Skon, Pink Noise, Gossamer
All Swatches Done on Bare Skin-Top: Blended Out, Bottom: Concentrated Swatch
Left to Right: Skon, Pink Noise, Gossamer
My swatches don't even do justice to how gorgeous these colors are. I'm so excited to use these and will definitely buy more soon. As I mentioned before only a tiny bit is needed to get the color shown above. The blended swatches were made with the extra product on my finger from the concentrated swatch. All I did was tap my finger into the pigment and I got out all that color and then some. I'm so impressed with the value of the product and will probably buy full samples of some colors soon as I've never used blush that I liked so much.

Blushes are availble in a sample size for $1.50 (size shown), Full Size (10 grams) for $6.50 and Pro Size (20 grams) for $12.50. Visit Evil Shades Cosmetics for a full range of colors. All color and product descriptions italicized are from

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