Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics: Hardcore Lips and Deviant Lipstick

As you know from my previous post, I recently placed on order with Evil Shades Cosmetics. I was going to do a giant post of awesomeness to show you all of the goodies I got but that would be so incredibly long that I decided to make separate posts for blush, lip products and eye products.

I ordered deviant lipstick samples in Corset and Mage which are packaged in the same clam shells as the eyeshadow and blush samples are. The hardcore lips samples are packaged in cylinder shaped containers which makes containing the gloss easier and makes it less likely that one will make a mess of their hands.... I ordered them in Roue, Dragon's Wing and Anastasia.

Left to Right: Dragon's Wing, Roue, Anastasia
Left to Right: Mage, Corset
Mage- magical cool toned green on the edge of metallic.
Corset- deepest defiant blood red cremeDragon's Wing- magical dragon scale green with subtle gold shimmer and a silver to teal shift
Roue- delicious, dark blood red
Anastasia- deep intriguing shade of deep blue based violet, nearly indigo with cyan shimmer that dances through the dark base

I am so happy about these lip products. Both the lipsticks and glosses are available in a multitude of unique colors and have a sweet bubblegum scent. They are extremely moisturizing and are crazy pigmented. I know I sound like a broken record but seriously, why don't you have one of everything from Evil Shades?

In case I haven't convinced you, here are swatches!

Deviant Lipstick in Mage
Deviant Lipstick in Corset
Hardcore Lips in Dragon's Wing
Hardcore Lips in Roue
Hardcore Lips in Anastasia
 Expect another round of products from Evil Shades soon. Everything I ordered was so gorgeous and I want more!

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