Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner Review

Lush creates handmade, high quality beauty products and at the beginning of the summer I finally gave in to the delicious smelling Jungle Solid Conditioner. It contains a multitude of beneficial ingredients including cocoa butter, avocado extracts, figs, bananas, passion fruit, kumquat, kiwi, ylang ylang oil, cypress oil and sandlewood oil. Lush boasts smoothing and detangling qualities as well as a delicious fresh scent. How did it stand up in the shower?
First off, this smells fantastic. What is exactly smells like.... I'm not sure. It is fruity and maybe a bit like pine... or I suppose one could say it smells like a jungle. The Jungle Solid Conditioner comes in bar form and Lush suggests that it should be used wet and rubbed through your hair from top to bottom. Initially, I tried out this form of application but then discovered a more effective way. I cut up the bar into tiny pieces and mixed a piece with water on my palm in the shower. There is a lot of cocoa butter in the bar so it softens easily. This method was more effective in softening my hair and making a noticeable difference.
This is how much I use
Unlike regular conditioner, Jungle does not make your hair feel oily in the shower at all. In fact, you barely notice anything is in your hair. I did notice big differences right after using it though. My hair became much smoother and less frizzy. For the first time ever I didn't have to straighten my hair for it to look good! Lush has fantastic hair products. I really need to talk about H'Suan Wen Hua another hair product from Lush that is amazing. The more I used Jungle the softer and shinier my hair became. Another benefit was the acne on my back dissapeared! Apparently after rinsing my hair out the chemicals and general greasiness of my conditioner ended up on my back and shoulders.

The conditioner bar does run a bit steep at $7.95 for 2oz. I got 54 uses out of it which comes to about $0.15 a use. I would like to repurchase this conditioner as it worked great however the initial price does not suit my budget. It's a good deal for such a high quality product but I just hate spending that much money when I can pay less for more product. Oh Lush, if only you had coupons...

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